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Hong Kong Ex-Governor: To Resist Elections Is ‘Spitting in The Wind’ –

“The only thing [Hong Kong] doesn’t have is the right to elect its own government, and sooner or later it will have, because you can’t give people control over all the economic and social decisions in their lives but not allow them to determine who collects their rubbish or how their children should be educated or how their health service should be run,” Lord Patten said. “Anybody who tries to resist that is, I think, spitting in the wind.”

In reflection on his governorship, Lord Patten said his biggest regrets were that the U.K. didn’t take earlier steps to implement parts of the joint declaration, in particular regarding elections, and that it spent too much time negotiating with Beijing on areas that the Chinese leadership was never going to agree to, rather than simply taking action on those points. As governor, he infuriated China by introducing limited democratic reforms, which were rolled back when China gained sovereignty.


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