Labour Rights

Dockyard Strike came to Official Halt after 40 days

Workers gathered at Victoria Park for aRally and Demonstration

Workers gathered at Victoria Park for Rally and Demonstration Fighting for Pay Rise and Better Working Conditions

The striking dockyard workers terminated their strike this evening. The 40-day strike by hundreds of Kwai Chung dockyard workers came to an official halt after a collective decision made by the union’s meeting. This took place after the decision of the High Court that the workers may station outside Cheung Kong Center for rallies and demonstrations. The workers’ union announced to the public that they had decided to accept the subcontractors’ uniform offer to increase the pay by 9.8%. On the afternoon, the four subcontractors submitted a joint offer in writing to the Labour Department affirming their offer to increase the pay to 9.8% which they made verbally last Friday. Such pay rise would have taken effect on 1st May, 2013.

The finished strike began on 28th March this year, when several hundred subcontracted workers at Hongkong International Terminals (HIT), a unit of Mr. Li Ka Shing’s Hutchison Port Holdings Trust, walked off the job to push for a two-digit percentage of pay rise as well as other better working conditions. The striking workers have attracted wide support from people in Hong Kong, who have donated millions of dollars to them to support their daily living. Donations have also included food, beverages and various other daily utility items. Through out the strike, the dockyard workers have accused the Government of its failure to mediate the labour dispute and protested against HIT’s refusal to involve in direct negotiation with them. Lee Cheuk-yan, a lawmaker unionist, has accused of the workers’ lack of protection by reason of the subcontractor system. Companies, like HIT, hide behind the facade to avoid direct accountability to the workers’ rightful claims and demands.


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